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ParkVida is located at the top of the beautiful Cordillera Central mountain range in the Dominican Republic. The 700 acre, former coffee plantation site which sits next to a national park has much to offer and the project plans to have a host of exciting adventure activities for guests to enjoy. The resort will offer 200 hotel rooms, some near the peak of the mountains with stunning views, some as tree houses, some on the edge of the beautiful river that meanders through the site and some nestled into the natural landscape.

The main adventure activities will be downhill and cross country mountain biking with a dedicated chairlift for the uphill return. Other activities will be zip lining, adventure rope courses, water slides, hiking, spa, bobsleigh track, fishing, mule riding, quad biking, cultural classes, eco tours and coffee growing experiences. ParkVida is a must to visit for individuals and families of all ages, whether wanting to participate in the adventure activities or just relax in the beautiful mountains, ParkVida is one of those “must do” locations.

As an eco-adventure resort, the developers of the project are committed to providing a fully sustainable “green” experience. Based on this, all power and water will be self generated, water via the fresh rivers and streams on site and power via hydro and solar systems. This project will also be the first in the world to offer a solar powered chairlift for uplifting bikers from the base of the resort back to the peak.

The majority of the food served in the restaurants will be grown either on the property or will be purchased from the local farms skirting this property. There will be a natural coffee production plant on site that will farm the existing 8000 coffee trees on site and will have the full process to treat and package these beans ready for consumption at the resort and for guests to purchase coffee to take home.

The owners of the project have a plan to “give back” to the local community and plan to teach the local residents English and also build a school at the project for the children of the local staff. The school will concentrate on hospitality training for this project and also for future ParkVida locations around the world.